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Internet Strategies & Design
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Internet Strategies & Design Services
Successful Internet strategies strike a necessary balance between making your web presence attractive to both search engines and humans, and easy to use. Through careful evaluation of your business and your website, Ranked One will make your website more attractive to search engines and increase your website’s page ranking. This is the #1 way potential customers find websites. Once the traffic arrives at your site, your website must be engaging, intuitive and user friendly to convert a hit into a customer.

The internet is a dynamic universe with rapidly changing rules. To gain and continue to maintain the competitive advantage, you must build a web presence that is agile and can quickly transform to meet the challenges of today’s global digital marketplace. Let Ranked One create a roadmap of Internet Strategies & Designs to help your company increase targeted online traffic, increase conversion rates, and increase revenue.

Analysis & Assessment
Do you have a plan of action for your web presence? It all begins with an assessment to analyze where you want to be, versus where you are today, and planning for what the future may hold. Ranked One assesses the effectiveness of your website to maintain your target audience’s interest, and engage them in an experience that results in converting them into a customer. Ranked One will assess where users leave your site, the flow of information, and the mood set by the use of colors, font, and style to make recommendations for improvements. This assessment could include techniques such as usability studies, multi-variate testing, target audience profiling, and many other ways of measuring the effectiveness of your website.

Equally important to analyzing the effectiveness of your website, is evaluating how you generate online traffic to have high visibility on search engines and drive traffic to your site. We analyze your keywords, code structure, target audience, and online competition to find ways to make your site more effective than your competitions' sites.

Is your website well organized? Is it flexible enough to accept new content without having to squeeze it in? Is it taking advantage of all of the Web 2.0 technologies? Is it easy for your users to navigate through? Does it rank high on search engines? Do the people who come to your site typically convert? Ranked One can help you with your Internet Strategic Planning.

In planning out your website, Ranked One will apply strategies to your web design based on findings from the assessment. We carefully plan out the site architecture (sitemap) to be comprehensive, flexible, and expandable. Then we plan out the wireframes (page maps) to support the content of each of the types of pages. This approach ensures that your website is organized to deliver a great user experience, higher ranking on search engines, and a higher conversion rate.

Corporate Identity & Branding
Does your organization have a corporate personality that is distinguishable and appealing to your target audience? Does it represent your corporate culture? Is there a common thread woven through your brand and merchandise strategies?

Developing a strong Corporate Identity is a marketing strategy used in successfully promoting organizations and developing strong corporate culture. Establishing an image associated with your product and organization is an incredibly valuable marketing asset. Brands create value perceptions of your product or organization with your target audience. Marketing your brand for consistency and brand recognition is also a vital part of your business. We create value by wrapping your target market in your brand through coordinated themes in cleverly crafted advertising and email campaigns, your organization's website, and collateral, continuously increasing your brand recognition in your marketplace.

Website Design or Redesign
Is your website attractive, engaging, easy to navigate, and informative? Are you setting the right mood through your choice of color, font, and style? Does your website funnel your users to click to convert? Ranked One can help improve your Website Design to make it a better sales tool for your organization.

After you have worked so hard to drive traffic to your website, it is critical to convert them into customers. This is done by designing your website to be interactive, helpful, attractive, and easy to use. We take the time to design your website to reflect the essence of a traditional brick and mortar store, providing a one-on-one experience on the web that rivals with what can be offered face-to-face. We design websites to perform as another salesperson—helpful while always leading the potential customer to engage with your organization by buying, signing up, calling, etc. Your website should be an extension of your organization and should reflect your mission, brand, approach, target audience, and types of products/services you offer.

Content Development/Copy Writing
Have you chosen the right relevant words to describe your products/services on your website? Are they the same words your online target audience is using? Does your website talk directly to your target audience? Ranked One can provide website Content Development and Copy Writing that will help your customers find you.

Choosing the right words on your website is critical. It is the choice of words that will both allow your target audience to find you on search engines and convince them that your organization is knowledgeable and trustworthy to earn their business. Ranked One applies a wide variety of techniques to boost your SEO, and maximize your exposure across a wide array of search engines with the most popular keywords your potential customers will be using.

Search Engine Optimization & Search Engine Marketing
Do you need a better ranking on search engines? Are you bringing in the right people to your site—those that will become customers? Ranked One can help you with your SEO.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques manipulate aspects of a website to improve its search engine ranking and organically improve volume and quality of web traffic. Ranked One accomplishes this be honing in on the key terms that your users search for when looking for the type of products and/or services you sell. By using a variety of techniques, Ranked One can put more emphasis on certain words or phrases, producing higher page rankings, and greater visibility for your website.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) also drives traffic to your website based on promoting words or phrases, but this is through paid advertising on search engines. By purchasing AdWords, you can gain visibility to your target audience even if your website does not rank high naturally for certain keywords.

Social Media Marketing & Blogs
Are people talking about your business, products and services on Facebook? Has your site been tagged by bloggers? Are people tweeting about you? Ranked One can help develop your Social Networking strategy & Blogs.

In keeping up with the ever-changing web, it is important to not just have a website, but to have a presence on social networking sites and blogs, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Blog Spot, YouTube, and Technorati. The best customer leads come from referrals, so the more people talk about your organization and your products/services, the more well known your brand will become, and the more likely they will be to come to you. Ranked One applies a unique blend of marketing, PR, psychology, and technology to create a social networking atmosphere that is fun, informative, and engaging to keep your target audience coming back for more.

Email & Viral Marketing Campaigns
Are you sending out email blasts to your potential and current customers regularly? Do you send out a newsletter to your customers to keep them informed of industry happenings and new offerings your business has for them? Ranked One can help you with your Email Marketing Campaigns.

Email Marketing Campaigns are an inexpensive and effective way to reach out to your potential customers and stay in touch with your current customers to encourage repeat business and referrals. Email templates are used in conjunction with specialized landing pages on your website to create an easy path to specific products and/or services you are providing. They can also be used for newsletters. It is important to keep your company on the minds of your target audience so they will think of you when they are ready to make a purchase.

Web Analytics
When was the last time you modified your website to increase your return on investment (ROI)? Do you know which email and Adword campaigns are bringing in the most net profits? Do you know who is sending you the best customers? Ranked One can perform Website Statistical Analyses to take the guess work out of improving your ROI.

Maintaining a successful online business is an ongoing process. Using website analytics tools, Ranked One can statistically evaluate your return on your investment (ROI) in internet marketing. We use these tools to learn more about who your users are, where they go on your site, what they search for, what keywords they use to find you, what campaigns are the most successful (both email and Adword), what products/services they tend to buy or be interested in, how they find you, and other valuable patterns. With this data we can determine the relative success of each technique implemented, and make continuous improvements to yield higher revenue and greater profitability for your online business.

Internet Strategies & Design Services

Ranked One’s comprehensive Internet Strategy & Design Services offer the plan and course of action to help you race ahead of your competition with increased traffic from your target audience and higher conversion rates from your web presence.

At Ranked One our holistic approach to Internet Strategy & Design Services encompass all aspects to ensure that your website will be both search engine and user friendly. These Internet Strategy & Design Services include:


Analysis & Assessment

Analysis —What's happening now
Site Performance
Usability/User Experience
Conversion Rates
Competitive Analysis
Strategy—How can we improve leveraging
our strengths & improving our weaknesses
User Flows for Different Target Audiences
Raising the bar to Beat the Competition

Content Creation

Corporate Identity & Branding
Logo Creation
Branding Campaigns for Brand Recognition
Consistency Across All Media
Web Design
Creative Graphical User Interface (GUI)
Fun & Engaging
Content (Copywriting & Editing)
Marketing Products/Services
Defining Objectives/Mission/Vision
Creating/Following Style Guides for Consistency

Social Media & Marketing

SEO/SEM/Web Analytics
Optimizing Keywords for Organic Rankings (SEO)
Managing Your Organization's Paid Search Ads (SEM)
Attracting the Correct Target Audience
Social Media
Email Campaigns


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